Company's Code RF0000

Compact ACTIVE line. 1-speed motor block + 4,4 l cutter bowl with lateral stirrers

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Company's Code RF0000

Compact ACTIVE line. 1-speed motor block + 4,4 l cutter bowl with lateral stirrers


- 4.4 lt-bowl equipped with lateral stirrer and high shaft for larger production capacity.

- Transparent polycarbonate lid equipped with hole to add ingredients in use.

- Lid complete with gasket to avoid product overflowing.

- Homogeneous and fine mixing result thanks to the lateral stirrers and invert-blade technology.

- The lateral stirrers avoid product overheating.

- Very uniform finish due to the movement generated the special positon of the cutting edges.

- Depending on usage, optional smooth or perforated blades available.

- Optional vegetable slicer attachment available.

Data sheet

Vendor's Code
Dimension (mm)
W252 x D309 x H434
Supply power
230 V / 50 Hz / 1 ~ (7 A)
Weight (kg)

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