Industrial Kitchens

As a contractor specializing in industrial kitchens, we offer comprehensive services for design, supply, and installation. 

Designing the Heart of Your Business:

Our experienced team collaborates closely with you to develop customized solutions that optimize workflow, space utilization, specific needs, utilities, and comfort levels while keeping your budget estimates in mind.

Seamless Supply of Quality and Installation:

We provide high-quality equipment and ensure flawless installation to meet your specific requirements.

Comprehensive After-Sales Services and Replacements:

In addition, we provide comprehensive after-sales support to ensure the long-term performance and efficiency of your facilities. Our services include equipment replacement, as well as repairs carried out in accordance with manufacturer's instructions using genuine parts.

Unparalleled Expertise and Reliability:

Collaborate with us for unparalleled expertise and reliability throughout the entire process. Contact us today to discuss your project needs and experience exceptional solutions for all your industrial kitchen requirements.

Maestro Service and Repairs Kitchen:

1. Regular inspections to identify and address potential issues early.

2. Cleaning and sanitization of equipment, surfaces, and ventilation systems.

3. Calibration and adjustment of cooking and refrigeration equipment.

4. Inspection and maintenance of electrical connections and components.

5. Greasing and lubrication of moving parts.

6. Replacement of worn-out seals, gaskets, and filters.

7. Cleaning and descaling of water lines and equipment.

8. Inspection and maintenance of gas connections and burners.

9. Testing and maintenance of fire suppression systems.

10. Training and education for kitchen staff on proper equipment use and maintenance.

11. Documentation and record-keeping of maintenance activities.

By implementing these preventive maintenance practices, industrial kitchens can ensure the smooth operation of equipment, maximize efficiency, and minimize the risk of unexpected breakdowns or health and safety issues.

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