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With ScanBox you will have a partner who loves food and is passionate about creating the best solutions for every place of work. We strive to facilitate your working day and enhance the experience of your guests – be it a star-spangled Michelin restaurant, a hotel or a school canteen.

Why ScanBox?

The many reasons why!

We are happy and proud that so many customers prefer our products. Here you will find the main reasons why you should go ahead and purchase a ScanBox product. You are also welcome to read customer reviews and learn more about our interaction with some of the most famous chefs in the world.

Easy to operate, lightweight but heavy duty.

Our boxes are easy to manoeuvre thanks to our favourite material aluminium, which is kind to the body due to its conveniently low weight. 

Light weight yet extremely strong and durable

Long holding time of up to 10 hours due to the ExP technology 

Aluminium – up to 50% lighter than stainless steel.

Easy to manoeuvre on all surfaces.

Easy-grip top frame that won’t trap fingers.

Uniform heating produced by the Convection Fan Heating technology by ScanBox

Ergo Line – Keeping the flow in small or medium size kitchens!

Optimal for kitchens with limited space or frequent transports. Ergo Line fits GN1/1 pans and is focused on ergonomics and efficiency during holding and transportation of hot and cold food. Perfect during the busy lunch hours or whenever flexibility and easy operation are your priorities.

Banquet Line – Keeping it classy in banqueting and large outside catering operations

Optimizing space and capacity yet easy to transport. Banquet Line fits GN2/1 and is often used for holding and transportation of food in environments that require sustained food quality, high capacity and style. Perfect for large-scale catering such as banquets and events where thousands of people need to be served at the same time.

Under Counter – Mobile and stationary

Versatility for lounges and smaller serving areas. Under Counter line is developed to fit under buffet and serving lines, kitchen shelving and tables. The Under Counter is versatile and can be used both as stationary equipment and as a mobile external cater box.

Bakery Line – A baker’s best friend

Optimal for proofing and keeping bakery goods hot or cold. An insulated box for distribution and storage of neutral, heated or cold bakery goods. The Bakery box is available to fit the special bakery tray of 40 X 60mm size.

Banquet Master – Keeping the heat up

Perfect for catering and banquets with many guests. When you have prepared the food in your combi oven, roll the entire delivery cart into the Banquet Master. The box fits perfectly in large kitchens with high demands on efficiency and temperature control. 


Small scale catering made safe and easy. Stackable and insulated food transport boxes are excellent for holding and transportation of hot and cold food for a shorter time or distance. Perfect for small-scale catering where you need a smooth transport solution for a smaller amount of food – or as a complement to the larger banquet carts. 

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