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The Moffat group designs, develops, manufactures and markets comprehensive range of Cooking and Bakery equipment and products. Moffat today is a company that operates in the majority of industry sectors with the experience and knowledge gained from over 90 years of business by listening to our customers The Moffat Group consists of many of Australia’s and New Zealand’s bakery and catering equipment manufacturing brands.

The Blue Seal Evolution series is the culmination of an expanded, more functional range of commercial kitchen equipment offering more configuration options and blistering performance. Sleeker in design and built to accommodate the demands of today's most passionate chef's, it promises even more performance than anything before it. Improved streamlining creates a continuous workspace when units are placed in a line-up, while 812mm of depth gives plenty of cooking area, even when you are forced to push culinary frontiers.

The Cobra Series of commercial cooking appliances is the answer for people who require capability and dependability. By combining sophisticated style with power and flexibility, simple sophistication shines. Cobra catering equipment provides a room for creativity to combine ethnic influences with tried-and-true favourites. Cobra offers functionality and adaptability in your line-up whether it's a la carte dining in a chic contemporary restaurant, fusion, Asian inspired dining, an edgy urban cafe, food trucks, or any takeaway outlet.

Turbofan Convection oven systems provide portability to accommodate any application. With a larger choice of oven footprints, increased tray load capacity, versatile cooking applications allows chef and bakers to expand their menu items that delivers outstanding performance and consistency. The range is further enhanced with provers, hot holding cabinets, ventless hoods, and oven support stands to assist any operator in constructing their own cooking and baking systems.

The FastFri deep fryer is an important piece of commercial kitchen equipment for any fish and chip shop, café, or restaurant. The FastFri FF18 us an outstanding and cost-effective 18-litre gas fryer with only a tiny footprint of 400mm width, it may be readily integrated into a new kitchen or utilised to swap out an existing fryer.

The Bakbar countertop cooking equipment are made in New Zeland and are known for their reliable and performance. With a range includes benchtop griddles, deep fryers, and pie warmers – it is suitable for any cafes, takeaways and food truck operation. 

The Rotel oven was designed and created in Australia, and it has been used in bakeries for more than 20 years. By developing a large-scale rotating oven, Moffat was the first company in Australasia to revolutionise the mass manufacture of bread for retail bakeries, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, clubs, and government agencies. Variable temperature loading is available in the Rotel VTL series, and the company's innovative new touch screen controllers are remarkably user-friendly, faster, and more energy-efficient.

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