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We offer professionals cutting-edge equipment to keep food fresh and optimise production processes, guaranteeing their customers an enjoyable, high-quality eating experience. 

Irinox was founded in 1989 in Italy, in Corbanese, and is recognised worldwide as the leading specialist for blast-chilling and shock-freezing equipment. Our products are manufactured entirely in Italy at our own facilities just outside Treviso, in an area with a tradition of steel working for the manufacture of professional equipment stretching back decades.


Cp Next In a compact version, Cp Next boasts all the technical and functional performance levels that professionals could ever desire, allowing them to set and maintain constant temperatures and manage humidity levels best suited to the stored products, while evenly and gently moving ventilation across all the trays without drying the food out. Quite the opposite, it all contributes to preserving nutritional properties, fragrance, colour and texture. The usual safety levels, but lower consumption rates.


MultiFresh® Next is the most powerful and efficient blast chiller on the market. Irinox branded products represent revolutionary technology, guaranteeing unprecedented levels of customization, sustainability, power and innovation.


The EasyFresh® Next blast chiller rapidly chills and freezes foods. No instructions needed: the blast chiller is intuitive and quick to programme.

The EasyFresh® Next blast chiller speeds up chilling processes, increasing productivity. The speed of cycles allows better organisation of production in the kitchen, optimising management of personnel and preparation of dishes.

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