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In 2017, Han Yong Corporation set up factory, Han Baking in Shanghai, China, to focus on the manufacture and accelerate the development of overseas markets. Over 30 years of continuous development and research, Bresso has accumulated cutting-edge technology and enjoy high reputation from both domestic and oversea clients, it has already become the leading baking equipment in China during these three years, we serve more than 200 brands and 1200 Bakeries.

Popular Bakery Equipment

- Deck Oven HBDO

- Deck Oven HBWO

- Combined Deck Oven

- Rotary Gas Oven HBCV

- Convection Oven HCV

- Retarder Proofer HBDC

BRESSO Oven HBDO Advantages

Shorten baking time & Lower Power Consumption: Advanced IBS Tech, shorten baking time 20-30%, higher heat efficiency.

Uniform Baking: Matrix Structure of Wire heater, realizing uniform heating and even baking.

Integrated Steam System: Unique design of Integrated Steam System, no extra power consumption, producing abundant Steam for using.

PCB with Memory Function: Imported high quality components from world famous brands, high reliability, memory function.

BRESSO Oven HBWO Advantages

IBS Infrared Heating System: Improved thermal efficiency, thanks to radiation effect of far-infrared rays, shorten the baking time.

LOW-E Tempered Glass: Gather all the heat inside the chamber.

Advanced STEAM Heating System: With advanced heating rod tech, instantly generate abundant steam.

Imported Stone-slab: Made of high heat resistance, gather heat inside, even baking, baked goods crunchier and have richer taste.

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