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Established in 1921, Reed Air Filter, now AAF International, leads the global air filtration industry with AAF® products. Headquartered in Kentucky, USA, and present in 24 countries, AAF operates 22 manufacturing facilities with a global workforce of over 5,000. In 2013 B.E., AAF acquired Thailand's largest air filter distributor, solidifying its top-tier status.

Active filters

PREpleat® LPD HC

Company's Code RF0000

AAF’s PREpleat LPD HC filter is the lowest initial resistance MERV 8 pleated filter in the industry. Combined with its high DHC, the PREpleat LPD HC filter provides an extended life cycle and energy efficient performance.

PREpleat® LPD SC

Company's Code RF0000

Media: 100% synthetic non-woven, proprietary media that can be recycled. Engineered with a gradient density composition that achieves a MERV 8 rating using the mechanical method of particle capture. Media does not rely on an electrostatic charge to capture particulates, since the charge dissipates over time.


Company's Code RF0000

The “6000” filter media contains substantially more glass fibres per square foot than standard filters. More fibres provide greater surface area to catch large quantities of dirt particles. These fibres also significantly reduce the initial resistance.

AmAir® 500E

Company's Code RF0000

The AmAir 500 filter is a sturdy panel filter that has a high loft glass fibre pleated media with a synthetic layer on the air leaving side. This pleated media is formed and contoured using a mesh support grid. This grid provides consistent pleat shaping and spacing, allowing dust to collect uniformly over the entire surface area of the filter media. This feature ensures a more gradual rise in resistance, a high dust holding capacity, and a long service life.


Company's Code RF0000

The AmWash filter is a lightweight panel filter and has a sturdy, long lasting aluminium frame that offers great resistance in harsh operating conditions. Due to its lightweight and compact size, this filter is relatively inexpensive to ship and easy to handle and install. If required, the AmWash filter can be supplied with a stainless steel or galvanised steel frame and can be manufactured to any size.


Company's Code RF0000

The ChevroNet filter is designed for use in industrial and commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Owing to its excellent dust holding capacity, it can be used as a prefilter for higher efficiency filters or as a central filter. As a prefilter, the ChevroNet filter protects more expensive main filters from premature replacement. As a central filter, it improves the quality of indoor air.

DriPak® 25

Company's Code RF0000

The DriPak 25 filter’s high dust holding capacity and robust pocket design are particularly suited for difficult operating conditions, including variable air volume, turbulent airflow, and repeated fan shutdown. When used as a prefilter, the DriPak 25 filter protects higher efficiency filters from unnecessary dust loading, prolonging their service life.

MEGApleat® M8

Company's Code RF0000

The longest lasting MERV 8 pleated panel filter in the market is the MEGApleat M8 filter. Manufactured with a heavy-duty, galvanized expanded metal support grid and moisture-resistant adhesive, the MEGApleat M8 filter is the strongest MERV 8 pleated filter available. The MEGApleat M8 filter’s low initial resistance requires less energy consumption, resulting in lower operating costs and energy savings.

Permenant Metal Air Filter

Company's Code RF0000

Built for exceptional performance and low maintenance in high-moisture and high-temperature conditions, permanent metal filters also have high dust-holding capacity. An aluminum, galvanized, or stainless steel U-channel frame is wrapped around the perimeter of crimped layers of aluminum media (galvanized or stainless steel is available). This design produces an even distribution of air and minimizes surface loading of the filter. Performance of the filter is exceptional, and its high dust-holding capacity can be renewed by washing the filter and coating it with adhesive spray. The frame is also designed with drain holes to ensure removal of excess water.

DriPak® III

Company's Code RF0000

• Micro-fine glass fiber media

• Low resistance and high dust holding capacity

• Engineered for performance reliability

• Stable and reliable filtration performance

• Ideal choice for pre-filtration and end-of-line filtration

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