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Active filters

BioCel® I

Company's Code RF0000

Rated at 95% efficiency on 0.3 micrometer challenge aerosol, and a MERV 16 per ASHRAE Standard 52.2, the BioCel I filter has the advantage of a much lower pressure drop than a typical HEPA filter (0.4″ versus 1.0″ w.g. at 250 FPM).

BioCel® II

Company's Code RF0000

BioCel II filters are designed for installations in which HEPA quality air filtration is required. As a E11 EN1822:2009 classified air filter, the BioCel II filter is ideal for upgrading an existing non-HEPA installation to a HEPA installation.

BioCel® III

Company's Code RF0000

The BioCel III filter is classified E11 in accordance with EN1822 and is designed for high air volume installations. As such, it is the ideal filter for upgrading a non-HEPA HVAC installation into a HEPA installation while also increasing the airflow through the system.

Due to its 4000 m3/h capacity, the BioCel III filter is ideal for new installations. Fewer filters are required to handle the same volume of air, compared to other HEPA filters of the same size.

BioCel® M-Pak

Company's Code RF0000

Rated 95% on 0.3 μm particles, and a MERV 16 per ASHRAE Standard 52.2, BioCel M-Pak filters have the advantage of a much lower pressure drop than a typical HEPA filter (0.36″ versus 1.0 in. w.g. at 250 FPM). BioCel M-Pak filters fill the gap between ASHRAE-grade high-efficiency filters and ultra-high-efficiency HEPAs, at a much lower weight and pressure drop.

This compact, lightweight filter will withstand operating temperatures to 176°F/80°C, if recommended final resistance is not exceeded. To maximize service life, use BioCel M-Pak filters with high quality AAF Flanders prefilters.

AstroCel® I

Company's Code RF0000

AstroCel I HEPA filters are used primarily in cleanrooms and clean zones, which require the very highest levels of contamination control. The filter consists of water-proofed, fire-retardant fiberglass media formed into a series of pleats. Corrugated sheets of aluminum separate the pleats to permit maximum usage at minimum resistance. Gasketing is available on the upstream, downstream, or both faces. Extractor clips are available for gel seal Astrocel I HEPA filters, for Bag In/Bag Out housings.

AstroCel® II (Gel Seal)

Company's Code RF0000

AAF Flanders’ mini-pleat AstroCel II filters are ideal for demanding operating conditions in critical applications. A longer service life and lower energy consumption means fewer change-outs and lower operating costs.

Astrocel II filters are available with media ribbon or hot melt separators to meet the requirements of all mini-pleat applications. Pack depths are available between 2“– 4” to optimize energy savings by minimizing total ownership costs.

AstroCel® III / S+

Company's Code RF0000

Multiple mini-pleat media packs, assembled into a series of V-banks, permit substantially more media to be contained in the filter — double the media typically found in most HEPA filters. Maximum effective media area provides greater airflow capacity, low resistance, high dust holding capacity, and unusually long service life. The V-bank configuration provides greater airflow capacity and longer service life, while lowering operating costs.


Company's Code RF0000

AstroPak Celebrity Series HEPA filters are designed for use in negative air machines for the purposes of abatement, remediation, renovation, and restoration. They feature a rigid mini-pleat media pack with thermoplastic separators sealed in a particle board frame with a polyurethane bond. 1000 CFM and 2000 CFM models are available. The recessed structure afforded by the mini-pleat pack ensures ease of handling.

Every AstroPak filter is individually tested before it leaves the factory, which gives you assurance that it meets rated efficiency. The actual test data is indicated on the label. Each filter is also assigned a serial number, and a permanent record is kept of the construction materials and performance.

AstroCel® VXL

Company's Code RF0000

The AstroCel VXL filter is a lightweight compact filter designed for use in industrial HVAC installations. Available in the EN1822:2009 classification range E12 and H13, this filter’s rigid design and pleated media pack with hot melt separators ensures that it delivers the desired air quality when used as a final stage filter.

The AstroCel VXL filter’s media is water resistant and can withstand temporary exposure to free moisture in the airstream. When wet, there will be a temporary rise in resistance, which quickly returns to normal as soon as the moisture evaporates.


Company's Code RF0000

Groundbreaking ePTFE media was engineered by AAF’s research and design teams. Media production, testing, and packaging are all performed in AAF’s (ISO 7) ultra-modern controlled environment, eliminating the potential for contamination of the filter during manufacturing.


Company's Code RF0000

AAF Flanders’ eFRM pleat pack resistance is up to 50% lower than conventional micro fiberglass media, a significant factor contributing to a great reduction in fan energy consumption. AAF Flanders’ eFRM membrane media, combined with tapered aluminum separators, optimizes pleat pack resistance. With a reduction in fan energy consumption, overall energy savings can be realized.

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